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Here is a small selection of NES hardware that I have for sale. For games, check out the Nintendo NES Games section - all complete and in excellent condition, and for consoles wander down to our Nintendo NES Consoles pages.

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We are packing all of our stock away for PLAY Expo London ( where we will be exhibiting all weekend. The show will be London's biggest ever retro expo so we strongly advise anyone who is a retro fan to come along to this amazing event! The store and ordering is now closed until Tuesday 14th August. You can still send us messages while we are away and we will answer when we return.

Nintendo NES Game Genie Loose

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Nintendo NES Game Genie Loose

This little gadget can be used to cheat on your favourite games. It simply slots into your cartridge slot like a regular game and you put a normal game in the other end and enter your cheat codes. You can get these codes from magazines or sites like for infinite lives, time etc. This item is fully tested and comes loose without instruction.

Nintendo NES
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Nintendo NES - Nintendo NES Game Genie Loose

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