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I have a pretty good selection of boxed Sega Megadrive Consoles. The boxed consoles are ideal for someone new to the retro scene that wants a 'ready to use' system or an enthusiast who wants a genuine collectors item - a complete, boxed, good condition Sega Console.

The modified Sega Megadrive consoles allow import games to played and 50hz/60hz switch also allows PAL games to be played at full speed (50hz plays 20% slower) and in full screen, instead of letterbox mode. For more details about the modification please see the Modification section. I also have a large selection of Sega Megadrive Games and Sega Megadrive Hardware.

Complete systems are becoming increasingly rare, and all the consoles shown below are in good condition.
Please note that I am more than happy to modify boxed consoles should you wish. This will be an extra £20, instead of £25, or an extra £30 if you want our premium switchless modification. More info can be found on the Modification pages.

Sega Nomad Modified Switchless Console Loose

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Sega Nomad Modified Switchless Console Loose

The Sega Nomad is the state-of-the-art 16 bit handheld games console, and is the handheld equivalent of the Sega Megadrive, and a very rare and sought after console. It has been designed to bring you the best in game-play action. Custom built processors will provide you with the ultimate experience in graphics, sound and ultra-fast gaming. This is a specially modified Sega Nomad which has been fitted with our new ultimate Switchless Modification. It does all the same as the modifications we do on the Megadrive, except all the changes are made by pressing and holding the mode switch. No external switches fitted - the console remains intact! We have added an LED which will change colour according to the region you have selected. You can even disable the mod for the games which require use of the mode button (Lost Vikings 2 etc). The slot has been widened to allow the larger Japanese Megadrive cartridges to fit. We are the only company in the world that does these modifications and they are extremely popular. With this mod, the console will play every single Sega Megadrive & Sega Genesis game, regardless of region. Comes with the handheld console & the battery pack. For more information on these modifications, see the Sega Nomad Modification page.

Sega Megadrive
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Sega Megadrive - Sega Nomad Modified Switchless Console Loose
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