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Welcome to Console Passion Retro Games Store - take a nostalgia trip through my Funky Vintage Games Website and buy some gaming history! I have a large selection of old retro games for sale for classic games consoles from the 70s, 80s and 90s, including old games systems such as (my favourites) the Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive and handheld games such as the Nintendo Game and Watch.

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Spirit of Speed 1937
- Sega Dreamcast (PAL)
Unlimited power matched with supreme bravery - the formula for racing champions. Experience the thrill of total speed in the most exciting classic race cars of the 1930's, a thrill that swept the worl
Twin Hawk
- Sega Megadrive (PAL)
Tanks, ships and mad war machines are everywhere, and they're all gunning for you! Fire, dodge, and fire again! If the fighting gets too intense, call on one support squadrons and increase your
Mortal Kombat
- Sega Megadrive (PAL)
Prepare yourself. The #1 arcade hit is here: from Sub-Zero, Rayden and your favorite Kombat warriors to the grueling endurance and intense mirror matches! Execute bone-shattering combos and ferocio
Nintendo Gameboy Pocket Red Loose
- Nintendo Gameboy (PAL)
The original second release of the Nintendo Gameboy. The worlds most successful console is here in Red. The Gameboy pocket is smaller and more compact but still plays all the games the original Gamebo