Holiday Message

We are away at back-to-back gaming expos until 13/10/15 and the store will be closed until we return. If you are in the UK we will be exhibiting our full stock at PLAY Expo in Manchester - please visit for more info! Thank You for your understanding.

Console Passion - UK Retro Games Store

Welcome to Console Passion Retro Games Store - take a nostalgia trip through my Funky Vintage Games Website and buy some gaming history! I have a large selection of old retro games for sale for classic games consoles from the 70s, 80s and 90s, including old games systems such as (my favourites) the Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive and handheld games such as the Nintendo Game and Watch.

Just In!

Primal Rage
- 3DO (PAL)
The No.1 arcade game that ruled the Earth is unleashed! Features the first ever full stop-motion animation, a colossal fighting engine for incredible hit combos and a massive number of normal moves
Worms Armageddon
- Sega Dreamcast (PAL)
The Worms are at it again! In Worms Armageddon the weapons are just too powerful, the game play too extreme and the landscapes just too bizarre for anything good to come from the confrontation.! So st
Lion King
- Sega Megadrive (PAL)
Created by Disney Software and Virgin Interactive Entertainment from the Blockbuster animated feature film Disney's "The Lion King", This interactive game brings to life the majesty and myst
- Sony Playstation (PAL)
The best pick up and play game on the PlayStation. Normal game – the single player remake of the classic Bomberman game. Try to clear all 50 stages! Battle game – the multi player game pit