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Welcome to Console Passion Retro Games Store - take a nostalgia trip through my Funky Vintage Games Website and buy some gaming history! I have a large selection of old retro games for sale for classic games consoles from the 70s, 80s and 90s, including old games systems such as (my favourites) the Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive and handheld games such as the Nintendo Game and Watch.

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Shadow Man
- Sega Dreamcast (PAL)
He is coming, stalking criminals in spirit world and real world. A possessed man is coming, a voodoo mask in his chest and lines of power in his back. Shadow Man is coming, trailing evil from Liveside
Revenge of Shinobi
- Sega Megadrive (PAL)
You are Musashi, master ninja. You are of the mystic warriors, who see and know all things. You are deadly! Now you must destroy the vicious army of Neo Zeed. If you fail, then Naoko, their beautif
Sega Megadrive 1 Modified Ultimate Switchless Triple Console Combination Loose
This is the ultimate modified switchless Sega Megadrive, Mega-CD & 32X combo! The Mega-CD has had the MultiBIOS chip fitted to allow you to play all games from all regions - USA, Japan & Eu
Tom Clancys Rainbow Six - Eagle Watch Missions
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. A combination of explosive action and real-life strategy! With Eagle Watch missions. The most revolutionary action strategy game of it's kind. Nothing comes closer to offerin