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Welcome to Console Passion Retro Games Store - take a nostalgia trip through my Funky Vintage Games Website and buy some gaming history! I have a large selection of old retro games for sale for classic games consoles from the 70s, 80s and 90s, including old games systems such as (my favourites) the Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive and handheld games such as the Nintendo Game and Watch.

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PC Engine Region and RGB Modified White Console Loose
The original Japanese PC Engine System. The worlds first 16bit console. Complete with a RRG Scart lead, joypad and UK power supply. This console comes unboxed without instructions. The console has
Earthworm Jim 2
- Sega Megadrive (PAL)
Two times the fun! Two times the excitement! Form Evil the Cat's 'Circus of the Scars' to the planet of Meat, join Jim on a madcap chase across the galaxy. Saving cows, thwarting lawyer
Sega Megadrive 1 Modified Switchless Console Loose
A complete specially modified PAL Sega Megadrive consisting of a Base Unit, a UK compatible Power Pack, brand new stereo RGB Scart Lead and a Controller. This console has been fitted with our new ulti
Alex Kid and the Enchanted Castle
- Sega Megadrive (PAL)
BASH! BIFF! POW! Alex Kidd is punching, kicking and leaping through Paperock Planet, trying to save his dad! He's having a touch time, what with scorpions, pufferfish, monkeys and mummies block