Holiday Message

We are packing all of our stock away for PLAY Expo London ( where we will be exhibiting all weekend. The show will be London's biggest ever retro expo so we strongly advise anyone who is a retro fan to come along to this amazing event! The store and ordering is now closed until Tuesday 14th August. You can still send us messages while we are away and we will answer when we return.

Modification Sega Dreamcast

Only two modifications for the Sega Dreamcast here, simply supply and fit the import mod chip or perform a 60Hz mod. I provide a full 3 month warranty on any console I modify and all work I do is carried out to the highest standards.

Please note I will fully check any consoles before modifying them, and any found to be faulty will be returned without any work being undertaken. Please use the Console Modification Enquiry form to request any of these modifications or to ask us any questions.


Sega Dreamcast Full Modification - £45 UK plus return postage

All modifications described below - add a Import Mod Chip, perform a 60Hz Modification and if required perform a PAL-60 fix. This full modification will allow you to play absolutely every single Sega Dreamcast game at 60Hz in full screen.

Sega Dreamcast 60Hz  Modification - £15 UK plus return postage

I can perform a BIOS modification to your Sega Dreamcast which forces the console to Output 60Hz, regardless of region. This will allow you to play every game in 60Hz - even UK games that do not have a 60Hz option. The default setting for this mod is NTSC-60, but if required I can set it to PAL-60 with a simple fix. I can also change the Dreamcast Swirl to Black if required. Default is blue or red.


Shenmue in standard 50Hz Display

Shenmue in standard 60Hz display

Shenmue standard 50Hz screen display

Modified standard 60Hz screen display

Sega Dreamcast Import Mod-Chip - £40 UK plus return postage

I can supply & fit a Sega Dreamcast import mod chip to any Dreamcast console. This will allow you to play all Dreamcast imports from any region - UK, US & Japan. The games will play in your 'native' display - i.e. 50Hz for UK consoles, 60Hz for US and Jap consoles unless the display mod is performed.



Dreamcast Mod Chip

Sega Dreamcast Import Mod Chip

Please note, this mod chip will only allow you to play original Sega Dreamcast games - do not expect this mod chip to allow you to play CDr Backups.

Please use the Console Modification Enquiry form to request any of these modifications or to ask us any questions.