Holiday Message

We are packing all of our stock away for PLAY Expo London ( where we will be exhibiting all weekend. The show will be London's biggest ever retro expo so we strongly advise anyone who is a retro fan to come along to this amazing event! The store and ordering is now closed until Tuesday 14th August. You can still send us messages while we are away and we will answer when we return.

Game Reviews

Here is the reader submitted reviews section. As you can see, it's lacking a bit at the moment - but you can change that. Simply submit a review to us of your favourite game (must be one on a platform we trade in!) and if we like it, we'll print it, giving you full credit. Not only that though, we'll give you 5% off your next order for the trouble.

At the moment we're looking for reviews for the following retro games: Zelda: Link to the Past (Super Nintendo), Ghouls & Ghosts (Sega Megadrive), Megaman (Nintendo NES), Super Mario (Nintendo NES), Wonderboy (Sega Master System), Nights into Dreams (Sega Saturn) although we will consider all reviews.

The reviews we currently have will soon be available both here and through the product detail pages. Give us a few weeks and we'll have them all uploaded!

If in the meantime you have a review you want to submit to us, contact us with details of the game(s) you have reviewed and we'll take a look.